Garden Edging System

Formboss has got a wide range of edging – ranging from 75mm to 580mm. Whether you’re installing garden edging on a raised bed or lining a walkway, there are many options available to help you achieve the perfect look. There are wood edging systems that can be used to enhance your landscape and keep the soil in place. Wooden edging is an easy way to create a natural border around your garden, and can be installed in a straight line, circle, or curve. There are also metal edging systems that can help you achieve a pristine, manicured look. Metal edging systems come in a wide variety of styles, including stiff metal edging that can be scaled to fit any size garden, as well as flexible metal edging that can be easily applied to contours.

Replaceable System That Provides Both A Clean Look And Ease Of Mowing

Decorative upright blocks can give your garden edging system a more aesthetic look. They come in rectangular or other shapes and can be used as fence inserts as well. Another advantage of this type of lawn edging is that it is completely modular, meaning that you can change its appearance as often as you’d like.

The present invention overcomes these disadvantages by providing an attractive, durable, and easily replaceable system that provides both a clean look and ease of mowing. These garden edging systems are inexpensive to manufacture and easy to install.

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