Peachtree Kindergarten Punchbowl

It’s safe to say that you’ve been drained of your children’s noodle quotient, but there’s a viable solution to this conundrum. Located in the heart of Punchbowl, Punchbowl Early Learning Centre has you covered.

Why do Americans say kindergarten?

The centre boasts a large outdoor play area, a plethora of educational games and toys, and of course, its own impressive array of teachers. During your lunch break or after school hours, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing break from the grind, while your kids get to do the same thing. This is a great way to ensure that your kids have a healthy and active start to the school year.

Peachtree Kindergarten kindy punchbowl is the kind of place where parents can expect the best from their preschoolers. Educators are well versed in the latest research on brain development, and as a result, your kids will be in good company. Located on Broadway, a short walk from the local train station, it’s no wonder this centre possesses such a high caliber.

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